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Lady leaks sex chats married Pastor sent her

A leaked chat has reportedly divided a Dallas based New generation church pastored by Aaron L. Finley.

It was gathered that a lady shared the sex chats the pastor who is married with kids sent her, on Facebook.

The pastor who has since feigned ignorance on the issue was clearly asking if her period was over because he needs “p**sy”. The woman had responded saying she was still on her period.

The pastor who clearly stated that he is married but has an open relationship asked her to help him get someone because he needed it urgently.

Facebook user identified as Je’sus Fuentez shared screenshots of the chat saying;

SixPix of the Week !!! : Pastor Aaron L. Finley a married man is accused of being in this young ladies inbox and he the pastor of New Creation Church

And she quoted ” i was wrong for sleeping with him but he lied to me too ” I see someone was drinking the devil’s nectar and committed a sinny sin sin lol but wonder what’s gonna happen when the wife found out if she hasn’t already .

What y’all think comment below .

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