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“Your celebrity is in my DM” – Lady brags as she leaks chat with actor Timini Egbuson; netizens slam her

Lady leaks chat with Timini Egbuson

A Nigerian lady identified as Chadwick Juliette has caused a stir online after leaking her chat with popular actor Timini Egbuson.

She shared a video of her and the actor at an unspecified event, where they took a picture, and she allegedly acquired his phone number. From there, the lady messaged him on WhatsApp with the photo they took. She reminded him of her identity, and the actor responded, questioning how she was doing.

Though the chat seemed friendly, the lady bragged about the actor being in her DM as she revealed she was going crãzy about it.

“Una celeb dey my DM..I go soon craze ohhhhh”.

Lady leaks chat with Timini Egbuson

However, netizens took to the comment section to slam her as they noted how she was the one in his DM and not the opposite.

One Uggy wrote, “He is in your DM, Abi na you dey him DM? Una no even just get shame again

One City Builder wrote, “This is why celebrities don’t give their personal number out

One Oba K Solo wrote, “Poor man children always ruin a good friendship

One Cute Iva Ezekiel1 wrote, “You don understand spoil something for yourself

One Stanley Godians wrote, “You were in his DM aunty

One Yusuf Writes wrote, “Timini needs to be careful with women. Many of them have a dark obsession with him. He may be accused of R someday by a cr@zy woman if he isn’t careful. A word is enough for the wise

One Lasgidi Girl wrote, “You are not making Sisterhood proud o. Sisterhood is disappointed

One Belinyonce Skincare wrote, “You are the one in his DM baby girl

One Website And App Developer wrote, “Trying to give yourself validation? Low self-esteem and immaturity. You’re even the one in his DM

One Tonia Gram wrote, “It is your desperation for me. You had to text him twice within space of one hour to get a response. Na you dey him DM girl”.

A year back, Timini had, in an interview, revealed one of his biggest regrets in life, which was not settling down early enough. He disclosed that he should have settled down with one of his young loves because it was real, true love.

Revealing his preference in women, he further stated that, at the moment, it was hard for him to tell who was really for him and that it was also harder to open up for true love because it meant that you had to let your guard down 100%.

Months back, Timini had deactivated his Twitter page following attacks over his degrading 2011 tweet about Unilag girls. He stated that ladies who attend the prestigious University of Lagos are quick to sleep with men for material things and a luxury lifestyle. L

Maybe he was speaking from experience, but his tweet, which recently resurfaced online, left many mercilessly dragging him, and the actor deactivated his account.

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