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“I grew up in a Deeper Life Church with strict parents” Dancer, Korra Obidi spills, reveals why she admitted to cheating on her ex-husband (Video)

Korra Obidi Deeper Life Church

Nigerian-American dancer, Korra Obidi has reflected on her growing-up days in Deeper Life Church.

The dancer and entertainer, in an interview with News Central, revealed that she grew up in Deeper Life Church, with a strict religious upbringing. According to her, she never had holes in her ears till she was 14 and now she has holes in places, one can’t think of.

“My family is a very Conservative one, I grew up in Deeper Life Bible Church. I had no holes in my ears till I was 14 years old. Now, I have holes in places you don’t want to know. That’s what happens when you stop someone from doing what they want. I didn’t make any mistakes.

I was supposed to be a lawyer”.

Elsewhere in the interview, she revealed why she admitted to cheating on her ex-husband, Justin Dean in her book.

Obidi explained that she made herself an open book to avoid living in secret and she doesn’t regret it because it brought a lot of revelations.

“If I had not said what I said, if I had not come through with my truth, it wouldn’t have brought out all the truths that came to light.

“As you saw on the blogs, I admitted to that [cheating]; he [my ex-husband] admitted to a lot of things. So it was like we were both doing these things.

And we would have been living in a lie to please the public. And how long can you do that? So I would never regret saying I was having commitment issues before I came to America. I never said this [my ex-husband] is the only man I’m going to be sleeping with for the rest of my life.

“So I dabbled. I admitted to it openly. And a lot of people insulted me for it but at the end of the day, I would never live with a secret to death.”

Recall that Justin Dean filed for divorce from Korra Obidi in March 2022, a few weeks after they welcomed their second child. Their divorce was quite messy on social media as the two dragged each other and spilled their dirt.

The couple’s divorce was finally finalized on November 19, 2022, with both of them sharing joint custody of their two daughters.

Korra, who was elated with the divorce, stated that she was open to moving on in peace with her ex, for the sake of the children.

Recently, the dancer and singer was left heartbroken after being denied American citizenship.

The mother of two shared a video online of the heartbroken moment she opened a letter and met the shock of her life, as she discovered that her US Citizenship application had been denied.

The video caused a stir online with many blaming it on her divorce from ex-husband, Justin Dean, and her public marital drama.

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