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Korra Obidi admits to having an extra marital affair

Korra Obidi admits to cheating with Joe

The drama between Nigerian dancer and entertainer, Korra Obidi and her husband, Justine Dean is unending.

The former couple who used to be all lovey dovey have become sworn enemies.

Since their separation, the ex love birds have been spilling dirts about each other.

Kemi Filani news reported that Justin had accused Korra of adultery during their 6 years marriage.

Announcing their divorce, Dean wrote, “I am tired of narcissism, cheating and lack of accountability. I have been trying since 2018 to save our marriage and if I don’t do exactly what she says, she divorces me (sic). I have been a prisoner that has his family used against him if she does not get exactly what she wants.”

Recently, a leaked chat between the ex couple surfaced online where it is confirmed that Korra Obidi cheated on her husband with Lebanese Nigerian based businessman, Joe who is the boss of Ciroc Nigeria.

Korra Obidi had slammed her husband for constantly using the affair against her when he had claimed he had forgiven her.

She also berated him for using demeaning words for her in front of their kids.

Justin replied her and stated that he was hurt hence the reason why he uses such words.

According to him, he was hurt with the divorce and at such he said words to hurt her which doesn’t mean he is a narcissist.

Blogger, Cutie Julls who leaked the chat alleged that sources told the blog that Joe Nazal had named his Lagos Night club, Moist as a memory of his 3 months intensed romance “serious relationship” as per bedroom matters.

Another source revealed that Korra had maintained she used condom on most occasions with Joe so it’s not really cheating.

Kemi Filani newsrecalls Justin Dean had apologised to his soon to be ex wife, Korra Obidi for calling her an adulterer.

According to the Doctor, he is sorry for calling his estranged wife a chronic cheater, however he maintained that every other thing he said during his outburst is true and the two girls from Korra are his daughters.

“The comments I made about Kora Obidi being a chronic cheater were inaccurate, she only cheated in the beginning of the relationship. Every other thing said Is true,” he said in the apology video.

Justin Dean also stated that the apology is not just for Korra but for her sister, father and other members of the family.

“This is my apology to the Obidi family about chronic cheating claims. @korraobido and @nancyumeh_ and her dad (Papa). June and Athena are my children and I love them. I’ll be there for them everyday even if I’m not married to Korra,” he added.

After his apology Nigerians lambasted him for allegedly using his marriage to ‘catch cruise’ to gain more followers.

Korra Obidi admits to cheating with Joe
Korra Obidi admits to cheating with Joe
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