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KOB casts share some remarkable ‘behind the scene’ spills

king of boys casts

Casts of King of Boys; The Return of the King have amazingly shared some behind the scenes spills to their fans in an interview with Denola Grey.

Veteran actress Sola Sobowale, known for her roles delivery and performance in the highly anticipated movie, shared a video involving KOB stars in a chat with Ebonylife Tv Host.

The stars, including Sola Sobowale, Richard Mofe Damijo, Ill-bliss and Toni Tones, were literally asked to spill real moments. The interactions go thus:

Who was easily the most reserved on set?

Ill-bliss: Like I will be honest, I left a huge impression on the crew, everybody was like, you are so chilled, you never gave us misery.

Whose hair and the make-up session took the longest?

Toni Tones: Aunty Sola. She does not joke with her hair; it has to be perfect. When you see her looks, then you understand why because she was serving.

Who never missed a meal?

Toni Tones: if you want the best food, just stay around Aunty Sola

Sola Sobowale: If I want to eat, I eat good

RMD: I had the best chicken from Sola, she shares a lot

Which King of Boys cast member would you hide a dead body with? (Sola Sobowale)

Sola Sobowale: (laughs) Toni Tones always in my head

Who was the director’s favourite on set?

Toni Tones: Aunty Sola, no dispute

Who fell asleep the most on set?

Sola Sobowale: Toni!

During the chit chat, they all had fun as they reminisced about the experience on set.

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