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“How I slept on the same bed with my ex-fiance’s side chic” Kiitan Bukola finally opens up on her failed engagement (Video)

Kiitan Bukola opens up on failed engagement

Nollywood actress, Oloruntimilehin Bosede Bukola better known as Kiitan Bukola has opened up on her failed engagement to Kingsley.

In an interview with her colleague, Debbie Shokoya on her podcast, Kiitan debunked rumors that she insulted her mother-in-law. According to her, she saw her fiance’s mother as her own and was even always reporting her son to her.

Kiitan recounted how she caught her fiance with another woman when he was sick. Narrating the incident, her fiance had called the lady to help take care of him, and her mother-in-law who was unaware that someone else was taking care of her son had called Kiitan to inform her that her fiance was sick. Kiitan, who was in a different state, was left in shock when she met another woman in his house parading around as his girlfriend. Because of the distance, she had no choice but to stay in the same house with the lady and on the same bed.

“I will never in my life insult his mother. I can’t do that, I have a mother. The same mother that I call to report to, the same mother that I call “What do you want?”, and the same mother that will pray together. I have never insulted her and will never. When my fiance was sick he didn’t tell me, he called another lady to come take care of him. It was his mother who told me that he was sick and when I came down to see him, I met the lady there and we both slept on the same bed”.

Kemi Filani reported in November 2022 that the Yoruba actress had announced her engagement to her lover. Unfortunately, the couple never got to walk down the aisle as they parted ways over undisclosed reasons.

Sources close to the couple claimed that Kingsley was demanding she return the Cartier watch and Diamond ring he gave her on their engagement day. The sources further claimed that Kingsley broke up with Kiitan after she called his mother a witch and found out she was seeing someone else in the UK.

Kemi Filani did a check on their Instagram pages and noticed that the lovebirds had unfollowed each other. Kiitan had also taken down the engagement video from her Instagram page. The shocking split brought an end to their one-year and six-month relationship.

When marking her birthday in March 2023 Kiitan Bukola indirectly confirmed the rumors as she stated that she was marking her birthday with a fresh start.

In more recent news, Kiitan revealed one of her biggest traits, self-isolation, which many mistake for pride. According to her, when she is going through something, she tends to stop talking to everyone until she is okay.

She stated that when she feels better, she starts communicating again like nothing happened. However, many think she is off with them, meanwhile, she is just dealing with things herself, which she thinks is best.

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