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“My DMs are so full, men wouldn’t let me rest” Kiekie cries out, lists out her proposal requirements to her admirers

Kiekie marriage requirements

Nigerian skitmaker and actress, Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori better known as Kiekie has issued a PSA to her admirers.

The married content creator, via her Instagram page, revealed that her DMs are always so full and on fire. She noted how her phone has been permanently plugged into a charger since Friday due to their DMs.

The mother of one expressed how overwhelmed she is, especially with the daily bank alert and the unrest and breathlessness.

Despite it all, she wouldn’t drop her standards for them as she went on to list the criteria for marrying her.

“1) I don’t eat locally made meals and Nigerian meals

2) I don’t spend money that’s not brand new. I just unwrap the notes myself

3) If you want to marry me, you must be prepared to bathe me 6 times daily

4) You must be well connected

5) You just have a minimum of 5 citizenship/5 passports

6) You must be the only existing family member”.

! My! Goodness! My DMs are so full! Literally on fire!!!!!
My phone has been permanently plugged into a charger since Friday! Goodness, I’m so overwhelmed! Men won’t let me rest! I can’t even breathe! Bank Alert every gaddem second! Goodness!!
But of course, as you all this Hipsy girl has standards and these are my requirements!

Kiekie marriage requirements

Similarly, Tolanibaj had issued a PSA to her future partner, informing him of things she wouldn’t condone in their relationship.

The reality star stated that no matter how comfortable she is with her partners, farting around her is something she would never condone. She admonished him to respect her.

Also, singer, Tiwa S@vage had sent a message to her future husband, letting him know beforehand the kind of person she is. The music star stated that he should get ready to play with her as she is a very unserious person.

To add to it, Yoruba actress, Bimbo Akisanya had sent a strong message to her future husband as she bragged about being skilled in Table Tennis.

Bimbo Akisanya urged her future husband to ensure that there is table tennis in their house.

In other news, Kiekie stirred the internet when she opened up about her decision to share and split bills with her husband, providing a more stable partnership.

Her statement of splitting bills with her husband, in case of divorce, didn’t sit well with many, who chided her. The likes of Uche Where, Chizzy Alichi, and Peggy Ovire slammed and schooled her over her statement.

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