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Keysha Cole reacts after OT Genesis mocked her saying her v*gina smells like fish


Singer Keysha Cole and rapper OT Genesis have attacked each other on Instagram after resurrecting their age-long beef.

In a social media post, OT Genesis attacked Keysha Cole with claims that her vagina smells like fish.

This was after she picked offence at him for remixing a song of hers which she described as off-key.

“She ain’t sht. Keyshia Cole ain’t sht,” he said.

“I am. I’m the shit. Keyshia Cole ain’t. Coochie smelling like fish sticks. That’s what’s going on. Coochie smelling like fish sticks. Keyshia Cole p*ssy smelling like fish sticks [laughs]. Nah, I’m not gon’ talk about her.”

Keisha Cole has now expressed her anger by calling the rapper a turtle-faced a**

“I’m so …. don’t know how to feel,” she tweeted. “This tortoise face a**….I can’t.”

She also responded to a comment questioning people who start beef online, but don’t keep that same energy in real life.

“Hope this [don’t] go over some of u lame a** turtle head looking a** niggas heads! And hoe a** bh nas ain’t exempt,” Cole co-signed the tweet.

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