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“Stop making noise online and fostering bad behavior” Kemi Olunloyo chastises BBNaija’s Tacha

Kemi Olunloyo slams Tacha for calling herself international

Nigerian investigate journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has slammed BBN Tacha Akide for behaving like a gangster.

The self acclaimed journalist is back again at trolling at the reality star over her latest tweets where she bragged about being an international celebrity.

Kemi Filani reported hours ago that Tacha had lashed out at her haters and trolls by making them know she is of an international standard.

She stated that she gets paid in dollars and bragged about being an international celebrity, whom they can never relate with.

She tweeted, “It’s the NERVE to question my Ghana Trip for me!! I get paid in DOLLARS you lot mad mad and will continue to STAY MAD. INTERNATIONAL TACHA coming through!! you can’t relate”.

Reacting to her tweet, Kemi slammed her for trying to be a ‘gangsta bitch’.

She made her know that such era is over and Tacha wasn’t being ladylike.

Kemi Olunloyo questioned what Tacha meant when she called herself international.

“Tacha you are not ladylike, the gangsta butch era is gone. Dear Tacha; I’m an international journalist because I report world news and known in the international news market. What exactly is International Tacha? Stop making noise online and fostering bad behavior Stop calling your fellow women obsessed bitches and broke ass woman who need to pay their bills before being recognized. Nobody but yourself is obsessed with yourself thinking you look like Nicki Minaj. Tacha in 2002 I made $5000 a week as a pharmacy manager not even adding Journalism and PR degree salary. That’s $20K a month. The dollar was 125 and I still gave fans N9M a year. It was in Dollars cos I lived in the United States. The fact that you get paid in dollars means you’re acting happy about devaluation of the Naira as you get more in your pocket. Your Titans enrich you while their own other families are starving with no fuel. Stop berating other fellow females, be humble and go listen to my Titans show. You have a lot to work on. Nobody questioned your Ghana trip. You’re hald Ghanaian. Enough with this ridiculous clout chasing”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Kemi Olunloyo had received heavy backlash when she slammed Tacha and accused her of being depressed.

In a post on the microblogging platform, Kemi Olunloyo averred that Tacha is depressed as smiles may hide the pain when things become overwhelming.

Kemi Olunloyo advised Tacha to seek help from a psychiatrist as mental health is essential because untreated depression can lead to suicide.

Kemi Olunloyo slams Tacha
Kemi Olunloyo slams Tacha
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