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“I have been dealing with it for years and it keeps getting worse” Kehinde Bankole shares cryptic message hinting at personal struggle (Video)



Kehinde Bankole

Nollywood actress, Kehinde Bankole has hinted at a personal struggle as she shared a cryptic post via her Instagram page.

The delectable television screen goddess revealed that she has been battling an unspecified personal issue that is getting worse by the day

She disclosed that the issue is personal to her and is very important since she has been dealing with it for years.

Promising to share it with her fans, she wrote,

“There is something personal that I want to make an announcement about in a few days. It’s really important to me that I have been dealing with for years and have been managing but it keeps getting worse. I feel like if I loved this thing this much and I am struggling with it, why don’t I come and share my journey with you my friends, my fans, my lovers because I don’t think we should come online to share glamorous things. I never know who I will be encouraging, emboldening, and challenging. I will announce it in a few days”.

Kehinde Bankole shares beautiful pictures in Ghanaian attire on her birthday

This is coming just days after she celebrated her 38th birthday.

Kemi Filani reported that Kehinde Bankole caused a social media frenzy as she posted stunning photos of herself dressed in Ghanaian attire on her birthday.

The actress reminisces about a recent movie she filmed in Ghana, sharing her experiences of falling ill, gaining weight, and relishing delicious cuisine on social media.

She wrote: “Ghana, it was a rollercoaster but all worth it! I’ll share a link to my experience on youtube in the morning, Thank you! Filmed, fell ill, chopped enough food and grew bum bum, went to the market! but rest assured our love affair has officially started. And now I can say it’s a wrap!! Filming done. I’ll definitely be back”.

Kehinde Bankole pens appreciation post

Penning an appreciation post to the public, she thanked them for their good wishes on her and her twin’s birthday.

She took to her Instagram page and shared a stunning photo of herself while expressing gratitude to her followers.

Kehinde Bankole expressed her appreciation to her fans, followers, and colleagues, for the overwhelming show of love towards her and her twin.

She wrote; Grateful. Thank you for your kind outpouring of love to me and my twin”.