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Kehinde Bankole reacts to the video of a prophetess who said taking Vitamin C will lead one to hell| Video

kehinde bankole

Nollywood actress, Kehinde Bankole has reacted to a video of a prophetess addressing her congregation on the dangers of taking Vitamin C and sardine as these will lead them to hell.

In a video that surfaced online, the prophetess had declared that anybody who takes Vitamin C and sardine will definitely go to hell as it is ungodly unless they stopped and are delivered. Adding that the content of the products is gotten from the deep sea.

Responding to the video, Kehinde Bankole revealed that religion has remained the major problem of African countries as it has been used to propagate false narratives.

Speaking further, she said those false narratives can be used to influence the illiterates who are not exposed to the happenings in the world. Meanwhile, their leaders brainwash them into embracing some barbaric lifestyles.

She wrote:

Deleting soon.. who cu rsed this continent? Is it cu rsed? The illiterates must be suffering the most. How can people go to hell from taking vitamins C and eating sardines? Sigh 😔😞 😪

See video:

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