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“You can’t tell me what to tweet” – Kate Henshaw trade words with fans over her Father’s Day message

Kate Henshaw stirs the internet with her Father's Day message

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has stirred backlash with her Father’s Day message.

The fitness enthusiast, had taken to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter now known as X, to celebrate 2024 Father’s Day. Sharing a passage from the Bible, Kate Henshaw gave a shout-out to Fathers who are responsible to their kids. She prayed for God’s strength, favour and blessings on them.

“The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice, and he who sires a wise child will have joy in him.
Proverbs 23:24 AMP
Happy Father’s Day to all the responsible fathers here.
God’s strength, favour, and blessings will continue to abound”.

Her message didn’t sit well with many who pointed out the double standard at which she wished all mothers Happy Mothers Day, but was only celebrating responsible Fathers.

One fan, sharing a screenshot of her Mother’s Day message, stated that the reason she is being drag was because of her hypocrisy as he noted how what is good for the goose is good for the gander. He tweeted, “This is why she’s been dragged. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

Replying to him, Kate Henshaw doubled down on his words. “I said what I said”.

Another fan while chastising her stated that it is Father’s Day and not only responsible Fathers Day. “It is not responsible Fathers Day. It is Fathers Day”

Kate replied stating that it is her timeline and her tweet, hence, she can do whatever she wants. “My tweet!! My timeline!! You don’t have to engage”.

In another tweet, she told those dragging her that she was going to enjoy her life as she noted how they would be alright. Kate made them know that the name calling doesn’t shake her.

“I dey go chop ram meat.
You will be alright or better still, never be.
Name calling no dey shake me”.

In another tweet, she stated that the one thing nobody would tell her is what to tweet.

Tweet your own, but one thing you will NOT do is tell me what to tweet ..
C’est fini.

Drag koor
Pull ni”.

Kate Henshaw stirs the internet with her Father's Day message
Kate Henshaw stirs the internet with her Father's Day message

Hors ago, Tonto Dikeh had stirred the internet as she celebrated herself on Father’s Day. The single mother of one, via her Instagram page, stated that she was celebrating the strength, love and dedication she brings to her family each day. She expressed how proud she is of the dual role she plays in her family and the endless love she has to give.

Taking to her comment section, one of her fans disagreed with her, as he educated her that taking care of her child doesn’t give her the right to celebrate Father’s Day.

Last year, singer, Paul Okoye had sent a message to female celebrities who parade themselves as Fathers. He lamented over how they had spoilt the importance of Father’s Day, as he noted how mothers are constantly dragging Father’s Day with them.

Paul stated that he is waiting for the day a man will post himself with a child on Mother’s Day and celebrate himself.

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