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Kate Henshaw criticizes those who bury corpse in expensive way

Actress Kate Henshaw has criticized the way and manner which people bury their loved ones when they die.

According to the actress, certain practices are wrong which includes expensive coffins and burial sites.

She took to Twitter with her post which praised Muslims for how they bury their dead.

“We pay lip service to the words in our holy book. Why are you burying the dead in a tiled grave, 24 hours electricity and such an expensive coffin? Are they expected to wake to move around?? Let them rest in peace truly. I like the Muslim way of burial”, Kate Henshaw shared.

The realmaryufot reacted: “Some will come and say its last respect, as if they gave the person financial respect when they were alive. I bet even some people who would be saying they should be buried in grand style, after dey die, dey would wish dey didn’t demand 4it cuz its all vanity. GudMorning mum”.

FransciscaJemeni wrote: “Hmm, funeral expenses and funfair. A big orientation needs to be done and thank God some State and towns are now limiting the excessive spending for funerals. Money spent on funerals, probably the dead person never enjoyed quarter of it alive. Take care of your loved ones now.”

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