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Kate Henshaw @50: Actress Ufuoma McDermott reveals what the actress did to her when she was physically abused

Kate Henshaw

Nollywood actress Ufuoma McDermott has shared unforgettable experiences with her colleague Kate Henshaw as she clocks ‘age 50’.

Social media has been buzzing with several birthday messages and prayers for the celebrant as colleagues and fans gushed over the actress, likened to a 25-year-old event at 50.

Joining the social media celebration, Ufuoma McDermott recalled how Kate Henshaw stood with her when police officers physically and verbally abused her in 2010.

Ufuoma McDermott said Kate Henshaw was with her during court fillings, physical appearance in court and gave her strength during her dwindling state.

According to Ufuoma McDermott, Kate Henshaw has a compassionate and good heart, adding she will never involve herself with questionable traits.

She wrote: I stopped posting birthdays on my feed for STRONG personal reasons. But today is @k8henshaw ‘s birthday. You’ve all seen and heard about how disciplined and strong part of Kate. I wish you could all experience her compassion and heart.

One of the lowest periods of my life was when I was physically and verbally assaulted by Ikuforiji’s personal policemen on Oct 10 2010. Only two people stood with me through all the media and actual back and forth, Court filings and physical appearances. Stella Damascus and @k8henshaw

You see with big sis Catherine, it wasn’t just about being there, it was about giving me strength when she saw mine dwindling. The day she said “stop making yourself believe it was your fault” was the day I learnt that in dark days leading to lowness in spirit and borderline depression, you ask yourself many questions and when you can’t find the answers, you turn on yourself. Kate stopped it.

I just stood there crying ( We were beside the old Ebeano supermarket close to Ebar) It was ok to cry because she was my strength. She calls to find out the next step and she’s with me during that step. She stayed right in the mix until Bimbo Akintola called Gov Fashola to reach out to me.

Please let me just state these here! If Kate wrongs you, don’t come to me because I will just apologise to you. I WILL NOT CALL HER OUT. No do kurukere waka with Kate. She no sabi o!

TUC president!!!! @k8henshaw I am forever in your corner. Your heart and hand is too straight. You are simple, fun and very alive. You are super at your craft but superer as a human! I love you sis and I know God has only begun his good work in you. May you continue to exude that 1000w smile to all around you. May it always warm your heart. May health, joy and wealth be your companions forever.

Kate Henshaw
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