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“It’s unwise pushing him into the industry to takeover” – Fans react as Kanayo Kanayo teaches his son the ropes of Nollywood

Kanayo Kanayo and son wat breakfast at 1pm

Nollywood actor, Kanayo Kanayo has stirred reactions for bringing his son into the movie industry.

Taking to his Instagram page, the veteran had shared a video of him and his son taking their breakfast as he revealed that it was the first meal they were eating for the day at past 1 due to tight morning filming schedule.

He stated that his son was fast learning the ropes of the industry.

“My son is learning the ropes. We are eating breakfast at 1pm due to a tight morning filming schedule. Ka Onyeze Mbaise mara na ihe ana eme adiro easy. ” THAT HE MAY KNOW THAT NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY. PLEASE WATCH ” MIDNIGHT CRUSH on Kanayo O Kanayo”.

Kanayo Kanayo and son wat breakfast at 1pm

His statement left many divided as some applauded him for teaching his son the ropes about the industry, while others tackled him for bringing the boy into the industry.

One Re Honour 199 wrote, “Kanayo, it’s unwise pushing your son into Nollywood to takeover. You’re forgetting Nollywood isn’t family bizz but talent. More unwise becoming mere crew. P.A after studying ICT in Babcock, it doesn’t tally. May be against God’s plan. U’ve link to a big job for him. This is not a good sacrifice. Be wise, don’t be unwise

One My King wrote, “He has the means to prepare the future for his son but rather, he’s preparing him for the future

One Port of Gould wrote, “Apprenticeship is the most efficient model for knowledge transfer. Proven over and over again. Una dey do well

One Gracious Onyilo wrote, “I love the bond and impact you’re instilling on the young man. It will stand the taste of time

One Graphics Design Gùru wrote, “Like father, like son. See how he is so fine”.

Weeks back, Kanayo had shed light on some of his roles, especially one that involves him going into a coffin. He revealed that he doesn’t sanctify himself or bind unseen forces when playing roles that involve entering coffins.

Giving reasons, he stated that God gave him a talent, hence, why he doesn’t need to purify himself when playing such roles. According to him, he acts out his scenes and gets out.

Throughout his career, Kanayo has become well known for his money ritual movie roles and speaking on it, Kanayo disclosed that he is not involved in any sacrifice and that the only thing he knows is Jesus.

The veteran actor who is one of the highly respected Nollywood actors claimed he will continue with the night sacrifices as long as they put money in his account.

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