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“Take your first salary to your father for blessings and not your pastor” – Kanayo Kanayo admonishes as his son gives him his first Salary (Video)

Kanayo Kanayo says give your first salary to your fathers

Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo Kanayo has a message for the public as he blesses his son, Clinton, over his first Salary.

Sharing a clip of him and his son, who brought his first Salary as a Nollywood production manager assistant, he admonished the public to take their first salary to their fathers for blessings and not their pastors. He tackled a clergyman who said the first Salaries of the year belonged to him; he questioned if he ever considered how the person would feed and transport themselves to and from for the month.

Challenging him, he questioned where in the bible it was demanded that people bring their first Salary of the year to their pastors. He told Christians to wake up as that isn’t Christianity.

“Do not give your first Salary to your Pastor. After God, you have me, NOT YOUR PASTOR ”.

These people suffered for you, took care of you and sponsored you to reach where you are. If you make your first money, return to them to bless it, not your pastor”.

“Take your first SALARY to your father for his blessings, NOT TO YOUR PASTOR.
And to that Pastor who said it belongs to him in a video in January, did you ever consider the feeding/ transportation to and fro the office?”.

Kanayo Kanayo says give your first salary to your fathers

Kemi Filani reported in January that a pastor known as Anosike had gone viral after he stated that the January salary of his congregations belonged to him. He stressed the fact that it does not belong to God, neither does it belong to them.

He fully disclosed that it belongs to him and should be used specifically for his well-being.

Concurring with him, a Cameroonian pastor had revealed what his congregants and Christians in general should do every January end. He revealed that they should give their pastor their salary for January.

He stated boldly that by doing that, people would attract more blessings for themselves and spare themselves from the enemy’s attack and other unfortunate incidents.

Early in the week, Kanayo stirred reactions for bringing his son into the movie industry. The veteran had shared a video of him and his son taking their breakfast as he revealed that it was the first meal they were eating for the day at past 1 due to a tight morning filming schedule.

He stated that his son was fast learning the ropes of the industry. Unfortunately, his statement left many divided as some applauded him for teaching his son the ropes about the industry, while others tackled him for bringing the boy into the industry.

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