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“I will disrupt any set that engages her services” – Kanayo Kanayo issues warning to movie producers as he calls out Angel Unigwe’s mother (Video)

Kanayo Kanayo fumes at Angel Unigwe's mother

Nollywood actor Kanayo Kanayo has issued a warning and a clarion call to Nollywood movie producers over fast-rising actress, Angel Unigwe.

The veteran in a video posted on his Instagram page called out the actress’ mother for allegedly holding movie producers to random. He claimed that he had been hearing reports of her mother’s behavior but didn’t believe it, till it happened to him. According to him, he had engaged the services of the actress in an upcoming movie and had made an agreement with her mother, which she didn’t stick to.

In a message to movie producers, Kanayo told them not to engage the actress in any movie or risk having their movie set disrupted by him.

“I am making this video to protect the entertainment industry in Nigeria. A particular woman has been holding producers to ransoms and it is unfortunate it has happened to me. Unfortunately she is Angel Unigwe’s mother. A contract is breached by every producers, orally or written and it’s all respected but I found out that immediately this woman takes money from you, everything changes. She took her daughter at 9pm when the particular date that we agreed hasn’t expired. She came at 9pm and took her daughter

I have gotten reports from people before it happened to me. This is a Clarion call to producers, I beg you in the name of professionalism, from this moment to the first day of July, 2024 any set that employs the services of Angel Unigwe, I will come to that set and make sure filming doesn’t hold. Her mother has been threatening many producers”.

Earlier this week, Nollywood producer and actor Ani Amatosero better known as Effixzzy Boss had lamented over how some of her colleagues are owing her millions for unpaid jobs. She pleaded with them to pay her money or risk being exposed.

A few weeks back, Etinosa Idemudia had cried out over being owed by Pere. She later revealed that she had she was paid in full, as she sent a message to him, letting him know that she isn’t his mate in the industry as she gave him an advice.

In another series of tweets, she claimed that 3 different producers had called her over the reality star, as many were suffering in silence. Calling the reality star an armed robber, she urged the producers to collect their money.

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