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“A son with a good heart” Kanayo Kanayo counts his son’s qualities as he clocks 22

Kanayo Kanayo

Veteran Nollywood actor Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, popularly known as Kanayo Kanayo has counted his son’s qualities to mark his 22nd birthday today the 10th of November, 2023.

On Instagram, Kanayo Kanayo shared his son, Clinton Onyekwere’s photo with an adorable caption. The proud father mentioned that his son his a selfless child who is considerate about the feelings of his younger ones

He recalled how he snubbed expensive gifts in order for his siblings to be satisfied. He however noted that being 22 does not exclude him from discipline and punishment, stating he’s a proud African who still takes pleasure in his culture.

“Onyeze Mbaise, Clinton Onyekwere, my first son is 22 years old today (10/11).

While I join millions of friends to wish him a happy birthday, I declare as follows :

Onyeze Mbaise has the most infectious smile I ever saw on my mother’s face.

A son with a good heart. If you ever took him out, and bought him anything, he will remind you he has an only sister, Valerie, and two younger one’s, Kosisocchukwu, Einstein, and that instead of buying one expensive item for him,, you should kindly spread that money to buy for him and his siblings. Wonderful boy.

On this birthday, dear Onyeze, DO NOT tell me you are now 22 and therefore you can drink alcohol, smoke, do what the boys do, park out of our house etc. BEING 22 IS NOT A LICENCE TO IRRESPONSIBILITY. My dear son, many parents are going through a lot with their children after turning 21. Don’t forget, I am an African, a traditional Igbo Chief, Ihe Mbaise ji ka Mba, Ugwu Ndigbo, a knock on the head is still part of our culture, that moulded many of us. You can still get one WITH LOVE. Happy birthday. Ya gazie
Your dad.”

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