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“I am not doing this again” Jumoke Odetola laments 10-hour experience in Lagos traffic

Jumoke Odetola laments over Lagos traffic

Nollywood actress, Jumoke Odetola has lamented over the traffic in Lagos.

Sharing photos of her stuck in traffic, she questioned how one can have long life and prosperity in Lagos with the high rate of traffic.

She recounted how she was stuck in traffic for 10 hours on Thursday from Ajah to Magodo and was facing a similar experience again on Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

“Shege vs Shege Banza.

Yesterday, I saw shege, shege saw me. Today again, the shege continues, shege is looking at me and smiling. In fact, shege is romancing me.

How can somebody have long life and prosperity in this Lagos, with this crazy traffic?

Yesterday, I finished work at 4 pm. I didn’t get home until 2 am (Ajah – Magodo)…10hrs! Lagos to Lagos! Time that could have been put into productive work or relaxation.

This morning again, Lagos – Ibadan Expressway is marking the attendance of wickedness, it’s doing competition of na me wicked pass. Woos, e be like say na to dey sleep for house sure pass. Independent woman in the mud, I no do again”.

Jumoke Odetola laments over her academic struggles as she returns to school

Just days back, Jumoke Odetola had lamented over her struggles with her academics.

The movie star who is on a journey to getting a Master’s Degree admitted that it hasn’t been easy for her.

The beloved Yoruba movie star revealed that it has been difficult for her to grasp her book and retain knowledge.

Hence, why she retained her natural look and went on low cut and it did magic for her.

She noted how it’s her hard-earned money she is using to pay her fees and not her dad’s, hence why, she can’t waste her fees.

“STUDENT – Back to school. This time around, “The book” was proving difficult “to enter my head”. So I decided to rock my natural hair & go on a low cut. Biola! It’s working! My school fees must not waste o! This one is my money, not my dad’s.

The human hair wig I was rocking no like book. I yanked it off one time. Ma ko ba mi”.

Jumoke Odetola returns to school for her masters

Kemi Filani reported last year that Nollywood stars had reacted to the news of their colleague, Jumoke Odetola, who returned to a Higher Institution to pursue her Master of Business Administration degree.

Jumoke Odetola shared photos of herself on university premises, revealing she is back to school to satisfy her desire to know more and her quest for knowledge.

She wrote: MBA in View…BACK TO SCHOOL

My quest for knowledge and
My deep desire for more led me to this.

Success is never owned, it is earned and the rent is due every day

Wish me success. Who can guess my university?”.

Nollywood stars, including Jaiye Kuti, Yemi Solade, and her fans, wished her success in her academic pursuits.

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