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Juliet Ibrahim reveals why she said she has already messed up in 2020

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has revealed why she shared a post yesterday with a caption stating that she has already messed up this New Year.

Ooops, I’ve f**ked up already 2021 will definitely be my year for sure.

She added:

“Please ask me what I have done…. #2020 #2021 I CAN’T KEE MYSELF OOO”

The post which the Ghanaian actress shared really drew the attention of fellow celebrities who beckoned on her to open up on what made her say what she said.

Juliet Ibrahim has now opened up on why she said what she said. According to her, she broke her new year resolution.

She wrote:

“I appreciate everyone for showing concern yesterday. 
So, here’s what happened in 2020 already. 
I planned that I would quit drinking Champagne for my New Year’s resolution, but I remembered that nobody likes a quitter. #2021 I’ll do better for sure”. 

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