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“Why am I crying” Juliana Olayode tears up as Funke Akindele shares memories of their time together (Video)



Juliana Olayode emotional as Funke Akindele shares throwback video

Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode has been left in tears after her boss and senior colleague, Funke Akindele for the first time since they split, shared a memory of their times.

Refreshing your memory, Funke Akindele and Juliana Olayode had struck an enviable relationship after the latter starred in her hit series, Jenifa Dairies where she bagged a lead role.

However, things fell apart between the two, which led to Juliana Olayode, popularly known as Toyo Baby being kicked off the show.

The two have been able to settle their differences after Juliana publicly apologized to her.

To show there is no bad blood anymore, Funke shared a throwback video from them from the series, which left Juliana emotional.

Taking to her comment section, Juliana questioned why she was crying as she noted how the clip brought back memories.

“Oh, Auntie @funkejenifaakindele. Why am I crying…. The brings back memories… How can I be this size again?”.

Juliana Olayode emotional as Funke Akindele shares throwback video

Juliana Olayode tenders deep apology to Funke Akindele, 6 years after fallout

In May, Juliana Olayode surprised many when she tendered a deep apology to Funke Akindele.

The two fell apart for undisclosed reasons in 2017, after Juliana starred in Funke Akindele’s hit series, ‘Jenifa’s Diary’.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Juliana Olayode reflected on how she rose to fame overnight by playing the lead role in Funke Akindele’s movie.

She noted how God used Funke Akindele to put her into the limelight and how she became overwhelmed with the fame she received.

However, the lack of industry nitty gritty started manifesting in her, coupled with the fact that she had a manager who didn’t understand how the entertainment industry worked and she believed anything he said.

Her manager had gone behind her back to send an email to Funke Akindele’s production company which led to their fallout.

Tendering an apology to her, Juliana revealed that she had privately reached out to Funke Akindele to apologize and they had reconciled, but she wanted to make the apology public

Reacting, Funke Akindele who holds no grudges against her expressed how much she missed Juliana Olayode.

Affirming her love for her, she promised to see her soon.

Juliana Olayode expresses gratitude to Funke Akindele

Recently, Juliana Olayode appreciated Funke Akindele for her timely intervention.

The movie star recently held her Purity hangout event, which is a lifestyle community where people gathered to worship God.

Juliana, who has become a proud advocate and ambassador of Christ, while penning an appreciation post to those who made the event successful, expressed gratitude to Funke Akindele.

She stated that she wouldn’t have made it to the hangout if not for the actress’s intervention.

Praying for more blessings on her, Juliana expressed how grateful she was.