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‘If you don’t trust your husband, buy him protection’ Joro Olumofin’s advice to married women sparks reactions from netizens



Joro Olumofin's advice to married women sparks reactions from netizens

Relationship expert Joro Olumofin, better known as love doctor, has advised married women on how to help their cheating husbands.

Concerned, Joro expressed his lamentation about the recent increase in HIV cases in marriages due to infidelity. He took to his Instagram to share his two cents.

He advised married women to regularly buy condoms and include them in their weekly shopping lists. Suggesting that if a woman suspects her husband of cheating, she should provide him with condoms to help protect against sexually transmitted infections.

He wrote: It is very sad but it’s harsh reality. Couple are infecting each other with HIV. Especially the Nigerian husbands. I’ve counselled a number of wives who said they were infected by their husbands with HIV, Herpes and other STIs. Some who are now divorced with HIV come to me for matchmaking.

Netizens reaction to Joro’s comment

His advise has been met with quite a reaction. Here are some of them:

Temilolasolola wrote: His mother will buy him that one…….rederede.

Adanma penned: I should accept cheating ??? Why? Because? It’s how you all are accepting this for me?? Buy him condom? What happens when he doesn’t use it? Single life better pass this rubbish my brother.

Superwoman9na wrote: So this is supposed to be a duty on top of the many duties society has bestowed on a wife. May we not be with a man that will make us lose ourselves to the point of doing this.

dbnaturals wrote: Let my hubby buy me condom too.. Make we kuku buy each other condoms since all of us wan mad.

Omalichawa wrote: I should buy him condom to use and cheat on me…wow.

jambuc76 penned: Is that not giving him license to cheat? Better to fast and pray for God to intervene than to encourage such.

Authenticfitwears wrote: If you don’t trust your wife, kindly do the same. Ment is not meant for only one gender.

Joro's advice
Joro’s advice
Joro Olumofin's advice to married women sparks reactions from netizens
Joro Olumofin’s advice to married women
Joro Olumofin's advice
Joro Olumofin’s advice
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Kemi Filani recalls that last year, love doctor revealed the seven types of lies Nigerian ladies fall for which eventually lead to heartbreak.

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The second lie ladies fall for is ‘I wish I met you before I met my wife’, the third lie is ‘i am very broke at the moment, I invested. The fourth lie is ‘Lets see how it goes’ I am not ready for a serious relationship because of heartbreak. The fifth lie is ‘She is just my friend’. The sixth lie is ‘I’m getting a divorce. The seventh lie is ‘Just the tip’.