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Joro Olumofin reveals why most ladies are desperate for marriage

Social media relationship expert, Joro Olumofin shared on his Instagram page reasons why ladies are desperate to get married. According to the love doctor, 90% of Nigerian women would rather be “Mrs” & Depressed than Miss & happy .

He added that so many ladies believe marriage is an accomplishment which is why they are desperate.

In his words ” The title Mrs has done more harm than Good to women. A lot of women are suffering and going through emotional pain just to hold on to that title ” Mrs”. Its psycological. The term ” Mrs” makes alot alot of women feel accomplished. A man has always been “MR” all his life. Even from when he was a 13year old boy, A man has been called ” MR”. A lady who has been Miss most of her life goes through the following:

(1) While she was ” Miss” her firends who became “Mrs” cut her off.

(2) Society neglects and mocks her because she’s a miss. When she finally becomes a “Mrs” her “id” (Insinctive Impulses) does anything to protect that title “Mrs” even if it means :

(1) Accommodating Infidelity

(2) Physical Abuse

(3)Emotional Abuse… If a marriage doesn’t work society sees it as her fault that she couldn’t keep a home. The value of a single father is more than a single father is more than a single mother in the eyes of the society. Ladies please change the narrative and enjoy your life. 90% of Nigerian women would rather be “Mrs” and depressed than Miss and happy. Don’t let “Mrs” define your happiness.

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