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Joro Olumofin reveals seven lies Nigerian women fall for

Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin better known as love doctor has taken to social media to reveal the seven types of lies Nigerian ladies fall for which eventually lead to heartbreake.

According to the love doctor, ninety-eight percent of Nigerian ladies always fall for the same trick from men. Lie number one is ‘Iyawo wa’, according to Joro, ladies have been served breakfast, lunch and dinner because of the punch line.

The second lie ladies fall for is ‘I wish I met you before I met my wife’, the third lie is ‘i am very broke at the moment, I invested. The fourth lie is ‘Lets see how it goes’ I am not ready for a serious relationship because of heartbreak. The fifth lie is ‘She is just my friend’. The sixth lie is ‘I’m getting a divorce. The seventh lie is ‘Just the tip’.

Netizens react to Joro Olumofin’s list of lies ladies fall for

The list by the love doctor has been received with mixed reactions. While some ladies agree with him, others asked him to update his library because ladies have moved passed the lies.

One Fatima wrote: This guy should be protected at all cost 

One Joannwrote: Even girl’s when dey 15 nor dey fall for these type of lie’s anymore. Nah money make them dey accept not the lies bro

One Grace wrote: You see that she’s just a friend nothing serious whereas drs sumfin serious going on

One Benny wrote: If u still dey fall for am ur case different

One hope wrote: Especially that number two. E dey swell person head well. Werey gender

One Uncle Muri wrote: I no wan check am i no wan know, any lie way women dey fall for
because the one way i lie yesterday don put billing for my head.

One Benson wrote: Mind you women dint fall for ‘ just the tip, they wanted you to put everything that’s the reason they let you in when you say just the tip lol.

One wendy Okorie wrote: Am always a victim of 3 and 4… I promise e dey pain.

One Ayoola wrote: You see that number 7? Every lady been there… master of all trades.

One Marv wrote: Which girl dey fall for this nonsense… Even unintelligent girls won’t fall for this?

One Haymur wrote: This man is no longer part of we the “bro”. See the way he just cast “bro codes” anyhow. Rubbish.

Joro Olumofin advises single men

Kemi Filani news recalls that the love doctor advised single men to step up their game. According to him, most ladies prefer to date married men as side chics rather than pursue a serious relationship with a bachelor.

He emphasised the post further by stating that most married men promise commitment, they are generous, mature, and caring, and they always support their girlfriend’s business.

He further stated that married men engage in professional conversation as opposed to single men, who are always interested in sex and demand money from their girlfriends.

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