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“I am helping them fight the trauma” Jigan Babaoja educates his daughter about his disability (Video)

Jigan Babaoja educates daughter on his disability

Nollywood actor, Jigan Babaoja is already teaching his children what living with disability feels like.

The actor, who has been made a meme on social media over his disability, shared a video on his Instagram page, where he explained his disability to his daughter.

Revealing why, he chose to explain his situation to them, he stated that it is to help them fight the trauma it can cause them.

He noted how his daughter is no longer a baby, hence, needs to understand his situation to prevent her from being trolled by her friends or classmates.

Jigan told his daughter to tell her friends that the reason why he walks funnily is because it’s his trademark.

“You are no longer a baby, let me give you this story before you come across it. In case, your classmates or your friends in school are asking you ‘Why is your daddy working like that?, Why is your daddy doing Tamurege? Tell them that’s your daddy’s logo. Tell them that the Tamurege is what is bringing money for my daddy”.

He captioned the video with, “Helping them to fight the trauma it can cause for them while growing up!”.

Make me a case study,” Jigan Babaoja tells those living with disability

A few days back, Jigan Babaoja had appealed to those living with a disability to make him a case study.

Taking to his Instagram page, the movie star, whose disability has been used by several artists in their songs, told his kind to use him as their case study.

Though not stating why, the Yoruba actor stated that there are reasons for it.

“If you are living with any form of disability, make me a case to study.

E get why”.

I have lived with disability for the past 40years” Jigan BabaOja strips to his underwear as he pens an emotional note to himself

Last year, in honor of his 40th birthday, Jigan Babaoja had spoken out about his disability.

Stripping to his underwear to show off his body, he stated that this is what life feels like living with a disability for the past 40 years.

He stated that his post was to inspire everyone living with a disability.

To him, disability isn’t the end of one’s journey as there is a lot one can achieve no matter who they are.

“This is what I have lived with for the 40th years of my life! I m using this post to inspire everyone living with a disability that this is never the end of our journey, there is a lot you can achieve no matter who you are! Happy 40th birthday to me! Get inspired life is beautiful”.

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