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Sex tape: Jane Mena’s brother speaks on her marriage being threatened and at the brink of collapse

Tonto Dikek's ex apologizes to Jane Mena's husband

The brother to famous Instagram dancer Jane Mena has reacted to Tonto Dikeh’s claims that her sister’s marriage is being threatened and at the brink of collapse over the actress sex tap claims.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that Tonto Dikeh’s altercation with her ex-boyfriend, Prince Kpokpogri led to the involvement of popular Instagram dancer Jane Mena.

Tonto made a shocking revelation that Prince Kpokpogri had lots of Jane Mena’s sex tapes in his possession.

While Prince had denied meeting Jane Mena more than once and there is nothing of such, a video of Jane Mena in Kpokpogri’s house alongside Nigerian singer Peter Okoye surfaced online.

However, when people had thought the issue had gone with the wind Tonto Dikeh via her Instagram page, she raised a post about Jane Mena putting up a petition against her even after begging her behind the scene to save her marriage from destruction.

Also, Mayor Blessing, who is considered a close friend to Prince Kpokpogri, in a post shared on his Instagram page, said Jane Mena and her brother had called her earlier asking him to talk to Tonto Dikeh to help save her marriage.

Reacting to this, Jane Mena’s brother Arugba Anthony in a post shared on Instagram, refutes claims that he and her sister begged Tonto Dikeh over Jane’s false and misleading information.

Jane’s brother said they only reached out to Tonto Dikeh to inquire how she got the sex tape false information about Jane, but Tonto Dikeh twisted the call to suit her self created reality.

Arugba Anthony added that Jane Mena only spoke with Tonto Dikeh‘s colleague Doris Ogala stating that Jane’s marriage was never threatened, much less at the brink of collapse as claimed by Tonto.

He wrote: Notice! Notice! Notice. We never reached out to Tonto Dikeh to beg her as claimed as I was there with my sister, we only reached out to her as right-thinking members of the society to inquire about how she got wound of such false and misleading information. .

Regrettably, Tonto Dikeh, as typical of her, twisted the call to suit her self-created reality. Secondly, Janemena never spoke with Tonto, rather we spoke with one Mrs. Doris Oglala.

Lastly, Jane’s marriage was never threatened, much less at the brink of collapse as claimed by the self proclaimed King Tonto.

Tonto’s self created reality, will be her undoing. One devastating thing about self-created reality is that, you became impervious to realism.

Jane Mena's brother
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