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Crossdresser James Brown stirs reactions as he flaunts mystery man

James Brown shows off his Papito

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has caused a stir online as he shows off a mystery man.

The Duchess of Africa, via his Instagram page, shared loved-up photos of him and a man.

Sending morning greetings to his fans, James Brown described the mystery man as his Papito.

“Good morning from Princess & Papito”.

James Brown shows off his Papito

Taking to his Instagram page, many dared him to show off his lover’s face.

One Natasha Bank wrote, “Show ur papito face na. My BF traveled since last month now, and I’m suspecting something

One Bethy Boi wrote, “Make Papito no suffocate because of content o

One Tweeter Nurse wrote, “This new Papito from Iraq

One Gracious Brown wrote, “My sister don love

One Nefisahh wrote, “Another Papito trying to get down senior man way he Papito to another lady. James I greet you in Spanish”.

James Brown shows off his Papito

Why I will love to be a mother” James Brown reveals his ultimate desire despite his gender

In March, James Brown revealed one of his greatest desires.

The crossdresser cum socialite, via his Instagram page, revealed that he would love to be a mother.

According to the Duchess of Africa, he loves babies and wishes to have them soon.

“I love babies. I wish to have mine soon. I will love to be a mother, the joy of motherhood”.

This left many confused as the crossdresser is a male and still has masculine features.

James Brown set to undergo surgery to import a womb

In a subsequent post, James Brown revealed that he was set to undergo surgery to import a womb.

The dramatic Princess of Africow, as he is fondly known, announced via his Instagram page that he is set to travel for surgery.

Counting his blessings, James noted how he has a house of his own and a car. However, the only thing he lacks is a child and he desires to be a mother.

“I think is time I travel back for my surgery importing my WOMB. I have a House, CAR. I need to be the mother of my Child. Next”.

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