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Wizkid’s baby mama, Jada Pollock kicks against lesbian character in Disney cartoon

Jada Pollock kicks against lesbians character in Disney cartoon

According to Wizkid’s third baby mama, Jada Pollock, the world is coming to a dreadful end. She made this statement in reaction to Disney making Elsa a lesbian in Frozen 2.

Sharing on social media, Jada Pollock wondered why there’s a serious attempt at brainwashing little kids concerning sexual orientation.

The mother of one wrote:

“This has got to stop. Like I am not against anybodys sexual orientation but dame this has got to stop. Why are we trying to brainwash our children’s mind so much with this. I’m appalled with Disney i how hard they are going with displaying what i believe is so much LGBT on cartoons and kids shows. Our world is slowly coming to a dreadful end.”

Jada Pollock kicks against lesbians character in Disney cartoon

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