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Iyanya speaks on calling out Ubi Franklin to revive his career



Earlier in the week, Kukere singer, Iyanya, and his former record label boss and friend, Ubi Franklin had some drama following an interview the former granted recently.

Iyanya had claimed that Ubi cheated him while they were establishing the label, Made Men Music Group. According to Iyanya, though he signed all relevant documents, he was shocked to find out that his name was not on the documents submitted at the Corporate Affairs Commission. Shortly after, Ubi released some documents that actually contained Iyanya’s name.

Meanwhile, some were quick to say that Iyanya was using the scandal to push himself back to reckoning. But in a chat with Sunday Scoop, the singer said that wasn’t his motive. He said, “I just want to focus on music. Right now, my major focus is on my new record label, Violet 360. I was actually doing a media tour for the new label before I got blindsided with the whole Ubi story; that was never meant to be the focus. I see it as a distraction. People can think whatever they like; I have no control over that. I just finished recording a song with Duncan Mighty and I would prefer we focus on that. Very soon, I will be putting out an Extended Play album titled, The Rebirth.”

On why he just decided to start a label instead of when he left MMMG some years ago, Iyanya said, “Don’t worry, I’m going to tell my story soon, probably in a book or TV series; that way, I can make money off it. People have been asking me a lot of questions about that but I will like to keep mum for now.”

Reacting to claims that he decided to feature Duncan Mighty to revive his career considering that Duncan is making waves at the moment, Iyanya said, “Duncan Mighty has always been someone I admire. I respect his talent. Many people think I did the collaboration because Duncan is trending at the moment. But these same people forgot that I did a song with him about five years ago. We were just together recently and we decided to make another song together; and that’s how the latest single came about.”

Speaking on what informed the title of his forthcoming EP, the singer said, “I just want the work to speak for itself. But I feel fresh and renewed. I am the new king and I have put in a lot of hard work into this. I have also missed my fans, just like they have missed me, and this is an opportunity for them to see me in a new light.”

Meanwhile, when Sunday Scoop reached out to Ubi Franklin, he refused to shed light on Iyanya’s allegations. He simply said, “Go to CAC and look for the documents. I am not interested in talking about it.”