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Iyabo Ojo speaks on dumping her husband and life as a carpenter’s wife

Actress Iyabo Ojo has uploaded all her marriage certificate/pictures and more evidence to shut down viral reports that she was never married.

Earlier this week, News broke out that she was never married to Mr Ojo. They had two kids—Festus and Priscy but there was no wedding. Nothing binds Iyabo and Ojo together legally.

“When Iyabo Ojo was a student of the Lagos State Polytechnic, which had its temporary site in Isolo, the one close to the Oba’s palace then, she would always come to Ojo’s shop.

Then, he was a stark illiterate carpenter and could not utter a word in English. But he was tall and good-looking. She was coming to his carpenter’s shed and before we knew it, she got pregnant for him. Her parents and siblings were against this but she stood her ground and moved in with him.
He never wanted her but she threw herself at him. There was no wedding. Where would Ojo have gotten money to have a wedding? Which wedding night was she referring to in her ‘weeping video’? Tell her to produce their wedding photos if she insists on a wedding night,” Ojo’s friends said.

Interestingly, the actress posted these photos to debunk the reports on Instagram moments ago with the caption “They say silence is golden, but there are times one can’t help but address obvious situations”

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