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“The internet will crash and many homes will be broken if I expose you” Iyabo Ojo tells Lizzy Anjorin (Video)

Iyabo Ojo says homes will break if she exposes Lizzy Anjorin

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has revealed one of the reasons why she can’t expose her rival and colleague, Lizzy Anjorin.

In an Instagram Live video, she stated that the day she decided to expose the actress, many homes would be broken and the internet with crash.

Iyabo disclosed that she has personal details about Lizzy which include the day, time, and names of individuals involved, but wouldn’t be exposing her to avoid several homes crashing.

The mother of two, however, told Lizzy to be ready to face her in court, warning her not to feign mental illness.

“If I come out and tell your story, the internet will crash, there is no blogger in Nigeria that will not carry this story because I go dey mention with names. That’s why I can’t come out and tell your story because I think of all the homes that will be broken.

“I will come out with facts and figures, date and time, name and place. I have a book where I wrote everything down, but you know what? I don’t need to go that route with you, not yet.

“That’s why I warned your husband that he should go and treat you because I don’t want when we go to court, you’ll now start claiming you have mental health”.

Recall that on Monday, Iyabo called out Lizzy for not showing up in court with the evidence in her possession that could incriminate her.

She disclosed that the case had been adjourned till the 10th of April and the court will be serving another order to her colleague. Iyabo also mocked Lizzy that the new order would be pasted everywhere on her wall to bring to her remembrance the date of the hearing.

Responding to her, Lizzy shared a video of herself on her Instagram page, dazzling in a beautiful native attire with a shady response to Iyabo Ojo who called her out.

Lizzy said she would be dealing with an illiterate greedy blackmailer who refused to return to school.

Kemi Filani recalls that Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin stirred the internet by consistently washing their dirty linen publicly.

Iyabo Ojo had shared a video where she was mimicking and mocking Lizzy Anjorin humorously. Lizzy, obviously offended by this went on to reveal some intimate details about Iyabo Ojo, accusing her of promiscuity.

Following the allegation, Iyabo threatened legal action against Lizzy demanding a public apology or risk paying N500 million for her libelous publication.

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