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Drama as Iyabo Ojo and her favorite stylist, Toyin Lawani part ways (Details)



Iyabo Ojo and Toyin Lawani unfollow each other on Instagram

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has surprisingly severed ties with her bestfriend and go-to stylist, Toyin Lawani.

This is coming as a shock to many as the two have been friends for years.

Kemi Filani news did a check on their respective Instagram pages and found out that the power stars are no longer following each other.

We could blame the Real Housewives of Lagos reality show for the cause of their rift as Iyabo Ojo recently threw a shade at Toyin Lawani as she dragged Laura Ikeji.

Kemi Filani news recalls Iyabo Ojo had blasted Laura Ikeji for expecting loyalty from her when they have never been best of friends.

Taking a swipe at her now ex bff, she questioned what Toyin must have told Laura that made her furious to slap someone thrice.

She also took a dig at Toyin when she referred to her as “gbegboru” which in English means ‘gossip’.

“Laura, I still wonder what was said to you by Toyin for you to have been so angry to the point of you saying you wanted to slap someone…. mind you, you said it to me 3 times @the spa even tho the camera only played it once…how can that be a slip of tongue. Girl own yours words next time & stop playing incredible hulk in your confessionals. I said the most & the worst about you on the beach, yet you want me on your side lol, girl I can see through you, I guess the gbegboru Toyin did go you in the 1st place she didn’t feed you right. So because I said I was now cool with you after you begged me, you’re expecting loyalty straight up, same you that didn’t want to associate with me in the beginning. I’m only loyal to my friends and not acquaintances…& yes I fall in love at 1st sight & also detest @ 1st sight, it depends on the energy you bring. Trust me I am the drama, so I will slip & slip again..I come in peace”.

Also, Toyin Lawani gave an hint to their deteriorated friendship when she declared love for Laura Ikeji, who is Iyabo Ojo’s arch enemy.

Since the shade, the two have unfollowed each other on the photo sharing app and seems to have cut ties.

To add to it, Toyin Lawani shunned Iyabo Ojo’s daughter latest achievement.

This confirmed that the two aren’t on talking terms as Toyin Lawani as always been among the first to celebrate all Iyabo Ojo’s childrens big win especially that of Priscilla.

Iyabo Ojo and Toyin Lawani
Iyabo Ojo and Toyin Lawani