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‘I’ve dated across religions and tribes’ – Ik Ogbonna opens up on plans to remarry

IK Ogbonna stuck at 1.5 million

Described as one of the cutest faces in Nollywood, actor, Ikechukwu Ogbonna whose marriage with Sonia Morales crashed in 2019 has revealed his plans to give marriage another shot.IK Ogbonna a father of two made his intentions known in a recent interview.

When asked why he has not been tempted to mingle well with any Nigerian lady, he said, “I am someone that would not discriminate; I have dated across religions and tribes. I don’t look at a person and question where you are coming from, it just so happens that I find myself with particular kinds of persons, we call it ‘spec’. You know when they tell you or say your spec is half-caste, it becomes that you are drawn to half-castes, it doesn’t mean I haven’t dated dark-skinned. So there is no discrimination, it’s just wherever I find myself then.”

Ik Ogbonna also further cleared the air on how his first marriage crashed and the accusations of infidelity linked to him.

He said: “I have never said the cause of my separation, it has been all speculation and I would like the public to hold on to those speculations if they choose to do so. My private life doesn’t necessarily concern the world but, what I choose the world to know is what I make the public to know about me. Things don’t work out don’t mean I and the person would fall apart, or I come on social media and start saying these are the reasons why it did not work. It didn’t work but we are still friends.”

On his plans to remarry  anytime soon, the light skinned actor said: “We never say never. So for me, the doors are still very open but, probably in life you know you tend to look out for certain things and qualities in a woman because you don’t want to have a divorce twice. I am going to get married again but it’s going to be with someone with particular characteristics and personality that I can hold on to. If the worst comes to worst, I can hold on to this lady and move on.”

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