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“You can strip me of everything, but I will still walk away with a smile” IVD shares deep message


Celebrity auto-dealer, Ikechukwu Ogbonna otherwise known as IVD, has remained unbothered with the hate comments he receives daily following his wife’s death months back.

Taking to his Instagram page to share a video of him cruising town, IVD shares a deep message to his haters and critics.

He stated that they can strip him of everything, but he would still walk away with a smile.

While affirming love to his little fans and supporters, he added that it’s not on him, it’s on him.

“You could strip me of everything I have, I will walk away with a smile. It’s not on me, it’s in me. All love”.

IVD says you can he strip him of

IVD celebrates birthday

Last month, IVD marked his first birthday as a widower.

Taking to his Instagram page, the embattled socialite shared a photo of him in white attire accompanied by a beautiful note.

Describing himself as a Champ, he expressed gratitude to his creator for adding a year to his age.

“A Champ was born today. Thank you Lord for the gift of life + Nkume 1 of Arochukwu”.

In a follow-up post, IVD had shown off the lavish gifts he received from his mystery lover.

The embattled socialite had received several cakes, a tray of food, and several luxury gifts.

Many had assumed that his lover is relationship expert, Blessing CEO as they noticed something about the surroundings of the video.

A photo emerged online captured Blessing CEO in a similar apartment to where IVD was surprised for his birthday. The photo had stirred controversial reactions online as many revealed that they were not surprised about the alleged development.

Although there is no confirmation yet about the date and timing of the two photos but angry reactions had trailed this development.

IVD makes a lifetime vow as his friends and associates distanced themselves from him over his ‘little’ issues

Meanwhile, IVD seems to have lost a lot of his friends and close associates following the controversies surrounding his wife’s death.

On his Instagram story, the embattled businessman revealed that his friends and associates have all distanced themselves from him, over what he considers ‘little’ issues.

He stated that everyone only seems to be a family or friends when the going is good, but when things happen, they distance themselves.

IVD vowed never to be a Mugu victim again.

“Everyone seems to be a family or friend when the Big Bang is around the corner, my brother just try get small issues, then you will see this friends as a liar, they can’t even come close or ask hope fine.

I pray and hope this time make I no be the Mugu victim again, whatever you purchasing or preorder make sure complete cash ni more 70 or 80% is available”.

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