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‘It’s prove not proof’ Frank Edoho schools Adamu Garba after his tweet mocking Peter Obi

'It's prove not proof' Frank Edoho schools Adamu Garba after his tweet mocking Peter Obi

Award-winning television show host, Frank Edoho has schooled ex-presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba after he made a tweet mocking Peter Gregory Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

Shortly after Peter Obi’s international press conference hours ago where he addressed the results of the Presidential election held on 25th February in which the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared Bola Tinubu president-elect; Adamu Garba took to Twitter to make a mockery of Peter Obi after he disclosed that he would head to court to challenge the election result.

Garba who referred to Peter Obi as a chicken-level politician said the winning party will prove to Peter Obi that there was rigging and violation of electoral laws in the East.

“See this chicken change level “World” Press Conference. We shall meet in court. And we will proof to you too the massive rigging and gross violations of electoral laws in the South Eastern States. Abeg, let the lawyers eat from your novice”, Garba twitted.

Responding to Garba’s tweet, Frank Edoho pointed out that the position gave a wrong spelling of prove which connotes another meaning entirely. He also slammed Gabar saying all he knows is rigging.

He wrote: “It’s “prove” not proof. All you know is rigging.”

Kemi Filani recalls that Frank Edoho clapped back at a troll who slammed him for his love for football on Twitter.

One would agree that football is one of the most popular sports that brings people together and Edoho does not fail to reveal his stance on football through his tweets

Twitter user identified as Leonard took to Twitter to reveal his opinion about the sport Edoho loves while slamming him that he will have nothing to tweet about if it is taken away from this generation.

He tweeted: Take away football from this generation and I am not sure somebody like Frank Edoho will see anything to tweet about again. Man just so much loves football.

Edoho replied with a chilling clap back; the television host noted that he is guilty as charged however, Leonard would be looking for alternative ways to be light-skinned if bleaching cream is taken away from him.

He wrote: You are right, guilty as charged. Taking football away would make me not have anything to tweet. But I know that taking away bleaching cream would not stop you from looking for other ways to be more light-skinned.

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