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‘It takes a strong man to marry a beautiful Entertainer like me’ – Anita Joseph hails hubby, MC Fish

Anita Joseph and husband

In celebration of their third wedding anniversary, Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has eulogized her husband, MC Fish for standing strong, despite the challenges.

The movie star who also runs a beauty business via her verified Instagram page noted that it takes a strong man to marry a beautiful entertainer.

Anita Joseph also added that she almost ended up marrying a man who wanted her to quit her career and dump her old friends.

Sharing their loved up photos, Anita Joseph wrote: “Pappy thank you for been a good man Father and Husband. Look at us we actually married for Real. 3years don waka we still Dey carry go “ Ours has been successful because we went into this Thing called marriage without a Plan. Is how we drove to the Registry on that Day to make enquirers. Some people said marriage is like a cage ,but with you I’m ME “ You didn’t Try to change me or Discourage me from the Things I Love “ You’re my No1 Fan you want me on the screen !! Not like the one that told me to stop been an Actor !! And gave me an an ultimatum that my friends won’t be my friends anymore (oburosoya na apu ala 🤣 ) But you @realmcfish are Wiser God,s Man ) You let me be me “It takes a very strong Man to marry an Entertainer “
Not just an entertainer but a very Beautiful One at that ✅
I will always Love you and I will say Yes to you Again and Again pappy m.”

It would be recalled that Anita Joseph had earlier mentioned the many benefits of having a good man as a life partner.

According to the filmmaker cum businesswoman, anyone who is lucky to marry a good man, her beauty glows better.

“When you marry a good man. Your beauty Radiates. God bless all the good husbands  May God pave ways for them bless them,” she captioned the romantic photos she shot with her husband.

The Anambra State born Thespian cum brand ambassador  also admitted that celebrity marriage is not easy. 

Anita Joseph also tells what keeps her strong despite the backlashes.

“Whenever, a colleague’s marriage crash, these online trolls will come to face me. One told me recently that it is remaining me. However, I feel pity for the people dragging me because they are giving me more reasons to post more romantic moments with my husband on social media. They won’t ever stop me from posting my happy moments, never. Celebrity marriage is not easy, we face a lot of pressure out there but you must be stubborn and insist that yours works. Again, I knew what I wanted before going into marriage and what my mother taught me about marriage is still embedded in me. She taught me to always shut up when husband is talking and not to talk back; especially in arguments. Two captains can’t be in one ship. Not like you can’t say your piece but there’s a time to pause and let him talk. These things are not easy but for two to work you must agree.”

Reacting to the speculations that she is married to a man who is over 10 years younger than she is, the Anita Joseph assured that her husband’s age doesn’t reflect in their marriage.

“When people try to mock me by saying I married a younger lover, I just laugh. It is very hilarious.  You know people assume a lot, because I’m plumpy and he’s slim that’s why they feel that way, but it’s cool, we don’t care. Now is the age that is their problem while some of them don’t even have a working relationship. Some can’t keep a man for 2 months. They can continue talking, while we enjoy our marriage. His grace has kept us no regrets at all.”

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