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‘It has been 5 months since you left this sinful world, it still breaks my heart’ – Toro Aramide writes late mum

Toro Aramide, an eminent Nigeria-born actress and producer who earned her fame from her appearance in the movie Ogoji, which she produced is yet to get over the death of her dearest mother.

The Nigerian born-United Kingdom based filmmaker via her recent post revealed that today, Monday September 5 made is 5 months since her mum passed on.

Aramide shared a photo of herself by her mum’s grave side and expressed her hurtful feeling.

She wrote: “Dear mother it’s been 5months since you left this sinful world🥲🥲🥲my heart breaks everytime I think of the fact that you are no longer here but at the same time I thank God for a life well spent my sunshine 🙏🙏🙏continue to rest in the bosom of your creator🥲🥲🥲I LOVE AND MISS YOU DEAR MOTHER.”

In an earlier interview with Tribune Newspaper, Toro Aramide went down memory lane to recall her journey into the industry, how it all happened.

She said: “It all started in September 2019 when I did my first production. I didn’t want to come in as an actor to be honest, I came in as a producer. But while on set, everyone said I have the face, that was what pushed me. For my first movie, I did just two scenes and the comments and accolades kept on coming in, different people encouraging me to go into acting, telling me that I was good at it. I have always had the passion, no doubt, but I didn’t pursue it for reasons like my family; they didn’t want me to act because everybody has this thing about actors especially in Nigeria that acting is an immoral profession. That is also a wrong opinion, but there was nothing I could do even as an adult then because of my family background, I still had to listen to some people. But as time went on, they supported me.”

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