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“Only the Federal High Court has the powers to dissolve our marriage after 2 years” Isreal DMW tells estranged wife, demands a proper return of her bride price

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Award-winning singer, Davido’s aide, Isreal DMW has made a public appeal to his estranged wife, Sheila Courage.

Taking to his Instagram story, he pleaded with her to return her bride price in a proper way. He noted how she couldn’t transfer it directly to him through an alert. Isreal reminded her that he wasn’t the one who paid it directly, but his family did and it was by hand.

Isreal further noted how they got married under customary acts and as such only the Federal High Court has the statutory powers to dissolve their marriage and that can only be after two years.

“Kindly return my bride price in a proper way. You can’t transfer it directly to me through an alert. I was never the one who paid it directly. My family did, and it was directly by hand. We married under the acts, and it only a Federal High Court, who has the statutory powers to get it dissolved after 2 years”.

Isreal DMW tells Sheila to return her bride price

On Tuesday, Israel took to social media to curse out any man who would attempt to go close to his ex-wife. He also revealed that her parents, especially her mother, had played a pivotal role in their marriage crisis.

However, Sheila Courage came out on social media to also reveal that she had since returned the bride price, while also sharing an adorable video of herself and one of her closest friends, Ginika.

Responding to her claims that she had returned the bride price, Israel took to his Instagram story to announce that the bride price had not yet been returned.

In the night, the personal logistics manager had gone on an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze to spill more about his crashed marriage. He stated that she had only returned 1,000 Naira, and disclosed that he had spent over 2 million Naira on her bride price and had only gotten 1,000 Naira.

He revealed that she had also sent the 1,000 Naira through an SMS text. Israel further stated how the bride price was supposed to be returned to his family because he had not been the one to personally pay for the bride price.

Elsewhere in the interview, he revealed how he fell into depression over his crashed marriage and how his boss, Davido and Zlatan stood by him during those times. He also revealed how Davido and Cubana Chief Priest begged her to return to him, but she refused.

Israel and Sheila tied the knot traditionally on October 20, 2022, in Benin City, and two days later, they held their white wedding which attracted high-profile celebrities like Davido, his wife Chioma, Cubana Chief Priest, Soso Soberekon, and others.

Just a few months after their grand wedding, the couple had parted ways as Controversial Instagram blogger, Gistlover, spilled tea about their breakup, claiming that the 02 performing artist and his wife ended their marriage over domestic violence claims.

However, Isreal DMW debunked the news of physical assault as he recounted how he met his wife, and narrated how he upgraded her. Unfortunately, things turned sour because she wanted to change him to suit her standards, and was always broke shaming her. Speaking out, Sheila shut down his allegations as she revealed how Isreal spoilt her and her family in a bid to hide his flaws.

Following their separation, Isreal had issued a warning to men, advising them to stay away from his estranged wife, Sheila, and legally married women.

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