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Influencer Saidaboj makes a return back to social media

In a recent development, Influencer Saida Boj has bounced back to social media, following all of her accounts being deleted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, respectively.

Recall that earlier today, netizens had been left surprised when Saida Boj’s TikTok account was banned.

Following a ban from TikTok, her Instagram account was also deactivated, as well as her Facebook account. This led netizens to believe that she had been banned from all the social media platforms.

However, recently, she made a bounce back on social media with a different account as she gloated at her haters, expressing how vile people were by rejoicing in her downfall.

She went on to state that she will keep on opening new accounts, and even if they keep deleting her pages, she will make sure that Nigerians keep reporting her accounts.

She further slammed Nigerians for putting their energy into reporting her accounts, instead of using that energy to make money.

Recall that yesterday, Kemi Filani had reported that Saida Boj had revealed during a podcast with honest bunch podcast, that if a guy does not send a girl 500k during talking stage, then he is cheap.

She also revealed that girls should learn how to be men during talking stage, instead of waiting for the relationship to linger.

Two days ago, Kemi Filani had also reported that Saida in the same podcast had revealed that if a man can spend up to 20 million Naira a week on her, then the man can have access to her body and go through her legs.

She revealed that at the end of the day, if a man had money, he could enjoy some certain privileges, as opposed to a broke man.

Now Rapper Erigga had also reacted to Saida Boj’s 20 million Naira requirement for men. He even went as far as calling her out for being a hook up girl.

Saida Boj also clapped back at Erigga, dragging and insulting him for trying to use her to revive his dead career.

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