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‘In real life, we do the majority of what we preach against on social media’ Rapper Erigga shades social media users


Nigerian rapper, Erhiga Agarivbie, popularly known as Erigga, has thrown shades at social media users who do most of the things they criticise against.

According to the controversial artiste, 92.3% of users are guilty of this act of hypocrisy and always deceive their followers by not practising what they preach.

Social media is likened to perfection these days as people never want to turn in their ugly side so as not to be criticised by people who look up to them because they have bragged about it not happening to them.

 People judge others for chasing clout and faking lifestyle, but a large number of people judging indulge in fake lifestyles.

He wrote:

92.3% the things when we dey criticize online Na we Nai do am pass for real life

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