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” I’m not the first person to be a 4th wife” – Portable’s wife Ashabi cries out (video)

Ashabi cries out after losing two Instagram pages.

Singer Portable’s fourth baby mama Ashabi went on Instagram live, shedding hot tears over her current predicament.

She said that she isn’t the first person to be a fourth wife. Ashabi went on to plead with the unknown forces behind her two Instagram accounts being taken down within a short period of time to let her be.

The crux of Ashabi’s plea was that she had a lot of pending work on her Instagram page that involved other people’s money.

Not too long ago, Portable called out Ashabi for taking endorsement deals, so the work on her Instagram page she was referring to could be the same thing Portable called her out for.

Despite the fact that she was shedding a lot of tears in the video, netizens didn’t seem to be moved by them, and here’s what they had to say in response;

yossie03 wrote, “Ooh immediately you start dating person husband oti ti eyan laida o ehn baby”

janet_xoxox wrote, “After all these crocodile tears,you go still born the third one! Abeg make Una no stress us mtcheww”

colormebeth wrote, “Na you go get belle for your enemy two times oh, nobody send you”

ebonytina wrote, “You’re so shameless to get pregnant again!!! affliction shall not rise up the second time, but you’re riding with the affliction over and over again… ha!!!!”

glamzplussize.ng wrote, “Get out you still get mind go collect gbola the second time .Me wey think she go get sense before”

shes_precious_ wrote, “I don’t think it’s even the fans that are her problem. It is her husband who keeps dragging her every eke market days”

slimdaddy_next wrote, “She still better pass most of you olosho wey deh curse her here leg), some una life don spoil”

aisha.m.lawal wrote, “Some girls are just shameless and senseless!!”

realtor_teenu wrote, “This nose ring no come big pass your nose? Ehn baby”

lummieshairplace wrote, “I felt for her before cuz I want to Believe it was a mistake at first and she has learnt her lesson, but knowing she got pregnant second time she deserves what she is getting, are men so scarce that u have to endure all this pain and torture for the rest of ur life I want to believe she has been hypnotized cuz norm*l person can’t be doing all this”

mz_sammyy wrote, “When you have babies for the weapon fashioned against you”

pretty_abikeadee wrote, “Make una leave her oo, she won born all her pikin for one man ni ooo”

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