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“I’m going back to becoming a child” – Maraji cries out over the Shege adulthood is currently showing her

In a recent development, media personality and comedian Maraji has taken to her Instagram page to reveal how tired she was of adulthood.

She expressed how exhausting it was being an adult and how she was willing to leave adulthood and go back to being a child.

She went on to list a couple of things that she is forced to do as an adult such as taking care of herself, having to eat every day, using sunscreen when stepping out, learning how to drive, and so many others.

She noted how tiring it was and how she could not keep up anymore.

Recall that in October of 2023, writer, Solomon Buchi had expressed his opinion on the Twitter onslaught aimed at Maraji.

Maraji had in a viral video called out women who dress indecently. Solomon Buchi defended her on the importance of modesty in Christian faith and also argued that certain attitudes would not glorify God.

He also expressed how concerned he was that a lot of Christian women now misconstrue the concept of decency.

He further lamented over how Maraji had been called unprintable names all because she frowned upon indecent dressing. He cautioned Christian women on the importance of dressing in a modest way.

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