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‘I’m a gentle breed’ Lateef Adedimeji reveals

Lateef Adedimeji

Nollywood actor, Lateef Adedimeji has revealed he is fondly called Ade but he is a gentle breed unlike the character Ade tiger in the popular blockbuster movie, King of Boys.

Although Ade Tiger might be a bit rough, he appreciates his loyalty which is one trait that is most appealing to him when meeting people.

In a video shared, he wondered if he can count on those close to him in the darkest hours and trust them to stand by him in difficult times.

Speaking further, he said standing by and lending a hand to his people is not an issue but the problem is them reciprocating the act when he needs their help.

He wrote:

Close allies call me Ade, lol certainly not Ade Tiger cos I’m a gentle breed, but if there’s one trait I appreciate in people, it is LOYALTY, can I count on you when dark hour knocks?

Ignore my face for a moment, listen to the content of my message, if I stand by you when you need a shoulder, will you be right behind me when I’m too weak to stand alone?

See, There’s so much value in trusts and it can only be earned, not available in the market…

I will stand by you, can I count on you?

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