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‘Illiterate’ – Nkechi Blessing continues to drag Lege Maimi after he accused her of disrespecting him

Nkechi Blessing Sunday and Lege Miami

Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, has continued to drag her colleague, Lege Miami, after her accused her of disrespecting him over Baba Ijesha.

Kemi Filani News recalls that Nkechi Blessing had earlier dragged life out of the Yoruba born actor for pitching his tent with alleged child rapist and molester, Baba Ijesha.

In a live video with Yomi Fabiyi, Lege Miami accused the light-skinned thespian of disrespecting him.

Reacting to the video, Nkechi Blessing took to her Instagram stories to further drag him. Calling him an illiterate and said she has no time to waste on him.

“My attention got really expensive… I don’t give it to classless id1ots.” She wrote as she shared photo of dollar bills.

She continued, “When you learn how to speak good English, come back and Imma reply you. But for now, i won’t let you send my brain back to Primary 1. illiterate!”

In another post, she commented, “Mr man, Please shut the fvck up”. Angry Lege then replied, “you dey mad”. Nkechi Blessing Sunday added to his pain, “You want chop slap abi? Make Ogun no use your blood bath oh. Try dey get sense”.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tola Bolaji

    May 27, 2021 at 8:21 pm


    Recently the social media was agog with news of selective justice by our Creative Association to stop permanently the negative labelling by a few that is affecting the whole.
    People complaining about the one sided judgement that leaves a duo and punishes another duo understand next to nothing about tact. It’s obvious that some people should be axed but waiting a while in order not to misconstrue justice by the public might be wisdom…we can’t approach the swirling ocean with the same fury and instability….common sense should make anyone know that suspending the earlier duo would only be misinterpreted to mean vindictiveness against the agitator of one because he is not our member or the other for insisting on justice against the case of pedophilia. Either way it will lead to public rage.

    The grouse of our creative family is the dirty linen washed in public by many uncultured folks seeking either cheap attention or Popularity and the depth of unbridled actions of a minority within us. Many a folk with previous records of uncontrollable actions meted on weaker folks just to flex muscles sit on our table. We know them more than the media can ever unveil. We have a full dossier on them.
    Nobody is bigger than the Association but the case of molestation, rape and pedophilia remains a very delicate issue that one cannot but leave the honourable court to determine the guilt or otherwise of the accused and ignore for now the team of online defence and offence. The best the association can do is condemn the very act and not the person, and allow the law to take it’s course as we have done.

    But in the case of the later duo, the action was prompt to curtail a dangerous precedence of dragging our beloved Association through the murky Waters of Social media oceans for whatever selfish intentions.
    Sanity has returned and it is the way the owner of a calabash tag his calabash that is how the public will tag it. We have therefore worn a tag of integrity, Creativity, Optimism, Excellence and Discipline to our Craft and in dishing information, Entertainment and Education to our ever supportive public cum audience and we want to be so addressed.
    The School of Media Studies and our Theatre Institute have reached the final stage of execution in order to train and retrain members continuously. The era of uncultured, badly trained and disrespectful Practitioners is over.
    Welcome to a new dawn.

    Tola Bolaji
    TGD PR

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