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Actress Iheme Nancy pledges to support Halima Abubakar in her fight with Apostle Suleman

Iheme Nancy vows to support Halima Abubakar

Nollywood actress Iheme Nancy has pledged her support for her ailing colleague, Halima Abubakar in her fight with Apostle Suleman.

Kemi Filani news reported hours ago that Halima Abubakar’s family had called out Apostle Johnson Suleman as the actress got bedridden.

Since her return to Instagram after weeks of absence, the actress has been dragging the clergyman and her senior colleague, Shan George.

Halima threatened to disclose more secrets on social media if anyone tried to bully her with unnecessary messages.

Disclosing how she met the highly revered minister of God, Halima claimed she met him as a separated businessman with three kids.

She stated that she didn’t know he was married when she dated him as their affair was 11 years ago.

To prove the doubting Thomas wrong, Halima shared screenshots to back up her claims.

She further noted how she had been covering him for years, now he wanted to play with her.

Claiming that the clergyman pursued her for 6 months, she warned him to stop messing with her. Read more here.

In a sad twist of event, Halima’s family revealed that the actress had gotten sick following her altercation with the Apostle.

Her family took to her Instagram story to call out the clergyman to stay away from her.

Her family also threatened him should anything happen to the actress.

“Johnson Suleman imodu. If anything happen to our sister, you going down”.

Surprisingly, none of her colleagues have showed support for her in her fight with the pastor.

Following her ailing health, Iheme Nancy took to Instagram to show support for her.

She called for help for the actress as she noted how the pastor has always been in the midst of scandals.

“She has been saying the truth since, no body is perfect we all know that, but my question? Why is it same person in the midst of sexual scandal all the time, why can’t we stop being gullible followers? The allegations on this same pastor is too much, ARE you the only Pastor??? Please let’s help save Halima Abubakar, don’t come for me because I will give it to you back…..if anything happens to her by chance her pictures will start flying up and down…(friends and colleagues) don’t he afraid, because I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you…I ai uphold you with my righteous hand… (Isaiah 41:10)… Pray for Halima”.

Iheme Nancy vows to support Halima Abubakar
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