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Ifu Ennada apologises to fans on post about acid threat on Cee-C

Ifu Ennada has taken to social media to apologise to fans over her post about acid threat on Cee-C. The BBN housemate who shed more light to circumstances and series of events contributing to the acid threat including listing other threat the alleged drama queen has received since the end of the tv show has apologized as some fans think she is being biased

The light skinned entrepreneur apologised to all, as she was being tongue lashed by some fans including fellow former housemate, Khloe

Though she had preached peace and love in her post, she wrote an apology to those who misunderstood her, she has also disabled comments on both posts.

She wrote:

Since I wrote my thoughts on this lingering issue between Alex and CeeC Fans. I’ve gotten mixed reactions.

While some people have called me biased and hypocrite, alot have applauded me for calling for peace between these 2 young ladies and their fans. Acid bath and death threats are not to be taken lightly.

My post as crude as it might be was just a public call for peace.
One that acknowledged the fact that both parties get threats. A post that expressed how unfortunate all this is. Apologies to anyone who felt hurt by it due to their misconception on what I wrote.

We have the capacity to influence our fans. We can’t all be friends, but we can control our people’s action to a certain extent.

Dear Fans, we need your help. You don’t have to like us all equally but we need you to stop this Fan War. Let’s press the reset button and move on.

God forbid, if you succeed in harming any housemate, justice will prevail and you’d get what you deserve, but your favourite housemate will not share your punishment with you.

I’m exhausted from all of this already. Can we all just let love lead? Please.

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