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“If your wife earns more than you, respect her” – Gospel singer Gabriel Eziashi

A gospel singer known as Gabriel Eziashi has dished out an advice to married men when it comes to handling finances in their family.

He expressed that if a man is married to a woman who earns more than him, then he should please respect her. He gave an example of a man doing things like cooking, tidying up the house, and taking care of the family duties.

He also revealed that a man who is married to a woman who is earning a lot of money and even earning more than him should be happy because it is a plus for that man.

Now recall that in the aspect of finances, Kemi Filani had reported just two days ago that ex Bbn star Sheggz had weighed in on his relationship with Bella and how they manage their money. When asked about his take on going 50-50 in a relationship, he revealed that he was not a believer of going 50-50.

He also expressed that he was drawn to ladies who were ambitious and goal-driven, and he also happened to be in a relationship with a woman who was very successful. However, he revealed that even though she is successful, he still primarily provided for the two of them. He realized that whatever money she makes is for her and herself alone, while any money he makes is for the both of them.

Now also recall that back in April of 2024, Reno Omokri has advised men on the importance of making money. He expressed on the X-Platform that a man who has no money, would find it difficult to get a woman. He revealed that many women will filter men with no money, and that even if a woman decides to marry that man, they will only end up in a problem. And when they have children, they will create even more problems because of their financial incapability.

Also recall that Reno Omokri had also advised men that when they make money, only two women should deserve their money. He expressed that the women who deserve their money are their mothers and their wives, who is raising their children.

He also expressed that if a man’s mother and his wife are united in praying for a man’s success, then nothing can stop that man from achieving his dreams. However, if they unite to pray for his failure, then they are finished.

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