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“If you want a man to behave like mumu, submit to him” Frank Edoho advices all the women in the world



Frank Edoho and wife Sandra

Frank Edoho has shared a secret for all women with partners who want to control their men.

Frank Edoho revealed in an interview with Tejubabyfaceoyelakin, that the major way a woman can get any man to do anything for her is to simply submit to him.

He also revealed that his wife over pampers him a lot and also submits to him. He spilled that during conversations with his wife, he always has the last word, which makes him place her in a high regard.

“If you want  a man to be behaving like mumu it’s very simple, submit. Give him the authority.”

He also remembered to inform people that while it was his idea, but he was not forcing anyone to adhere to it.

Peep a few of the reactions to his interview below;

One ekomiami had this to say,

“When a woman is loved right, submission is automatic unknowingly to her sef. You guys should stop making it sound like a job. It is earned!”

One kiitas had this to say,

“The point being that you submit to a man that loves his wife as Christ loved the church.

That’s the part that is often left out. Some women don’t have a problem submitting to a man that truly loves them & shows it. Just unfortunate that sometimes one is busy doing all these things to the wrong person. Marriage is enjoyable when two willing parties are involved in playing their parts well”

One brandy ish had this to say

“Submission isn’t a problem. The problem is most men don’t understand it. Submit to them and they translate to control her, enslave, treat her with no regard. I won’t submit to a mad person”

One mr temidayo had this to say,

“There is a hidden sense of submission and respect between a woman and her husband, which is hidden in the way he treats her.”

One _jamsheila_ had this to say,

“This only works with a good man, and a man that has sense,some men will take advantage of the woman’s love and respect for them and begin to use her like trash..”

“If you only knew the life she gives to me” Frank Edoho shares beautiful photo with wife

Back in May 2023, Recall that Frank Edoho had taken to his instagram page to share a cute photo of himself and his wife, Sandra Onyenaucheya Edoho.

He gushed over her, revealing that she gave him life.

Frank Edoho replies Denrele Edun asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage 

Kemi Filani reported that during a humorous conversation in an event, host Frank Edoho and media personality, Denrele Edun came at logger heads over Frank’s daughter.

Denrele Edun had teasingly asked Frank Edoho for his aighter’s hand marriage, asking him what he would do if he was the man that would marry his daughter.

Frank had responded by saying “On behalf of the real husband?”