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“If you earn 100k, marry ooo” Twitter personality advices men

If you earn 100k marry ooo - Twitter personality

A Twitter personality known as Sir Dickson has recently dishes out an important advice to men concerning their income when getting married.

He revealed that if a man is earning up to 100,000 Naira, he can go ahead and get married. He further stated that they should not let anyone tell them that the money that they have is not enough.

He encouraged them to join their money with their partners and manage their lives together. He gave his reason for his statement as he revealed that the economy might not get better in 8 years, therefore, waiting to “hammer” might just be living a pipe dream.

In his words, he says,

“if you earn 100k, marry you. Don’t let anyone tell you it is not enough. Join income with your partner and manage your life together. The economy may not get better in 8 years. So waiting to hammer is a pipe dream. But life with your person is better in spite of the economy.”

Now recall that In the beginning of the year 2024, Blessing Okoro had given her input on the financial responsibilities in a marriage or in a partnership.

She revealed that men were naturally wired to be providers and to provide for women. She also disclosed that a man’s real job in life is just to work and cater for women while she expressed that a woman’s job was to enjoy and be taken care of.

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