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“If na Jaywon now she go commot that hand” – Reactions as Ayra Starr and Kai Cenat link up

Nigerian singer and popular online streamer Kai Cenat linked up recently at Nickie Minaj’s concert, and the comment section literally blew up with netizens airing their opinions.

Ayra Starr and Kai Cenat link up.

cyril_ unusual wrote, “Same girl wey push that other egbon hand comot for her body”

eevavictor wrote, “Ayra face card is lethal”

king_mk_0022 wrote, “Ayra star go each everybody”

bamiicooks wrote, “Kai trouser go produce like 100 skirts”

_emjay__007 wrote, “Koi koi shoe and socks, it is well”

itsyourboyrekzy wrote, “Why guys de always fear to hold ayra”

isthatlarisa wrote, “I love how they both made a name for themselves at such a young age… both 21 and dangerous!”

_prettyesther1 wrote, “But wait o00 why themwear pink together Abi today na barbie day”

thesmartnoble wrote, “From the pic I observed two thing Kai is protecting his ego While Star is lighting up her pantiesAbi no be wetin the pics mean”

thereal_marteno wrote, “Na this girl commot Egbon J hand”

kingeronmosele wrote, “Kai get body pass her”

nancy_chedo wrote, “Now I know how to level height with a short guy”

iamgraciela_ wrote, “Na the way ayraa Dey bend make kai for fit measure up to her height”

jersey_ only_ wrote, “Avere star no b so ooo, our own jaywonwan hold you u hang in hand for air. No be so sha ayere star”

raniathedi wrote, “Nobody is talking about her eyes she looks like she’s not had a good rest and sleep”

its_blackwizzy01 wrote, “A picture with jaywon you hold hold him hand like paper make he no hold you abi? Avèrè start Alara gbigbê mtsseewwww”

amateur6i wrote, “Sha have money “brother jaywon hand o”

frog_voice_flop_ wrote, “This one and pants he Sha sure tape go soon leak”

damilola001 wrote, “This guy short oh to stylishly bend for him as a posture”

cen3ric wrote, “If na Jaywon nau she go commot that hand hold am for hand”

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